Smiley Pets 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What security measures do you have in place?
A: We take your pet's and home security very seriously. We are CRB checked and fully insured. Your information is kept strictly confidential and keys are kept securely in a safe with a coded tag attached so it cannot be linked to your home. We choose not have a sign written vehicle which would advertise your absence whilst parked outside your property!
Our online photo diary, should you choose to take advantage of this service, has password protected updates.

Q: Will my dog be walked in a pack with other dogs?
A: We only walk one-on-one or dogs from the same household to ensure each dog is under full control at all times, enjoys the quality walk he deserves and you get the best value for money!

Q: I have several pets to be looked after while I'm on holiday, won't this be expensive?
A: We do not charge per pet, only for the time spent at your property. We allocate up to 20 minutes per visit. Should longer be required, we will discuss this with you at your consultation.